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museum exhibits

props, replicas and historical reconstructions


I have been involved in the making of several props, replicas etc. for the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, the most significant of which was probably the reconstruction of a female skeleton discovered during the diggings at Coppergate. She suffered a life hampered by severe injury, before meeting a grisly fate via the sword of an enemy...


 The model was made to be displayed with a Pepper's Ghost  overlay-effect in place, showing how she might have looked in life. The video here explains some of this, and there are further photos below of the skeleton and other artifacts at Jorvik.

click the thumbnails to enlarge:

skull for Rye Museum exhibit
skull again, as attached to gibbeted
full view of the gibbet and victim
baby for Dickens World exhibit
Dickens World baby, painted
viking skeleton on mount
skull for viking skeleton
Viking skeleton for Jorvik
Jorvik skeleton on display
decay-in-progress Viking dinner tabl
Rayleigh Mount
Rayleigh Mount alternate view
bronze-effect Stonehenge models
Stonehenge models in situ
Stonehenge detail
Stonehenge labels
Romney Marsh
Romney Marsh illuminated
Chysauster village
Chysauster village
Chysauster house reconstruction
Chatham navigation marker
Tamworth Castle interactive model
Tintagel detail
Tintagel mounted
Tintagel projection overlay

...a few more 'making of' videos...

Dockyard discovery map

how Stonehenge was made

reconstructing Chysauster

Chatham navigation marker

projected overlay on Tintagel Castle model

(video by Phil Keenan)

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