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once in a while I do a bit of drawing - nothing fancy, just pencils and inky-things with the occasional splash of colour. Click the pics to get the pages...


evil android bad robot



Life in the 22nd Century: some of the future is bright, but it's definitely tarnished; those with money can buy anything - while those without it will sell everything.

Cyborgs and synthetics share a scorched earth with biomechanically-enhanced human beings and with genetically-engineered superhumans, while society's Elite dwell above it all in high-rise luxury, a world away from the squalor of the streets...

anthro boar lord of the flies




Walking talking animals? Uh-oh.

- nahh, think Beatrix Potter mixed with Disney's Robin Hood...but chuck in a heady mix of magik, mischief, guns and violence, and professional levels of swearing and silliness. Dogs with daggers; cats with cleavers; hamsters with machineguns!?!?

It takes all sorts to make a world, and quite a few of 'em are through this little portal...

half-orc adventurer, Dungeons and Dragons character






rough ideas, sketches and scribbles - some of which will have led to more, while others remain mere marks on a page, maybe for later evolution;


also a page or a few from an old actual sketchbook or two, rendered into wibbly wobbly web-friendly format for the sake of being more easily looked at...

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