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other sculptures

slightly more miscellaneous works; click
the thumbnails for bigger pictures...
birds and animals
a selection of critters in several sizes
life size squirrel sculpture
scops owl sculpture
fox sculpture
stoat sculpture
great tit sculpture
waxwing sculpture
wren sculpture
barn owl sculpture
greater spotted woodpecker sculpture
ruddy duck sculpture
raccoon sculpture
polecat sculpture
nuthatch sculpture
owl sculpture
'Paws' tabby cat sculpture
otter sculpture
little owl sculpture
tiger sculpture
kestrel sculpture
'Rusty' ginger cat sculpture
goldfinch sculpture
African elephant sculpture
hedgehog sculpture
tabby cat sculpture
peregrine falcon sculpture
crested tit sculpture

random dragons

faerie dragon sculpture
little red dragon
red dragon
green dragon sculpture
black dragon sculpture
raptor dragon sculpture
ice dragon sculpture

garden ornaments!

squirrels bird table garden ornament
otters fountain garden ornament
little owls birdbath and sundial
peregrine falcon bird bath
wildlife waterfall
marten and polecat bird bath
woodpeckers bird bath

other oddities

milliput life size head sculpture
ugly shield
gargoyle bedside lamp
hulk sculpture
handgun sculpture
early snuurg mask-sculpt
colonial marine
bone chair
blowtorch case
dinosaur sculpture: anysaurus nonspe
robot head
kharne the betrayer sculpture 1:6
kharne the betrayer sculpture
utahraptor sculpture, life size
pet rat memorial sculpture
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